An Unbiased View of scientology beliefs planet

Hubbard put an unlimited amount of great importance on the symbols contained in “the R6 financial institution” — this series of “implants” put in in All people on earth seventy five million many years back. Right here he is conversing about this matter, once more in 1968:

One poster My Two Cents, a more reasonable man, said that Ron was so over his human body and enlightened (paraphrase) and completed with his perform that he was being benevolentvans eager to no cost space aliens variety his system.

You can find those that did the original OT VIII who declare This is often real. Frankly, I don’t think it really matters, but I'm curious about what prospects you to your summary it truly is faked and even tongue-in-cheek? What is so far more extraordinary about this than what is written in Hubbard’s own hand about OT III? Both of those, to non-believers, would be equally crazy.

Ortega acquired current tax documents that exposed the main three tiers of the Church (and that is a non-profit organization) have a merged book worth of $one.5 billion.

hubbard was a satanist screw that guy made alien cult i’d relatively watch star trek and transformers.

Mike as the New Yr can make it’s look,you have such a profound & perfectly created piece on Ron and his Match.It really made me look at some extremely familiar photographs from decades ago in A further brighter light-weight.Ron just cherished his personal viewpoint much he was ready to sacrifice quite a few on his altar.My to start with weeks in Sea Org @ Asho F,no-one particular rather understood wherever to put me.So Aside from jogging the folding device Yikes! I also acquired to carry out Distinctive drills scientology beliefs basic contemplating I'd A great deal catching up to carry out acquiring not been in org or mission prior.At a single stage a GO/ Information was the Org board title but browse Intelligence stopped by wherever I scientology beliefs beginning of the world was in a class table and basically claimed,Two points Ann.

I didn’t understand that nonsense about the volcano on the cover on the dianetics book, in my exprerience not a soul responded to this, the only thing which was successful was a very good revenue strategy by the individual selling the book.

I have been a Scientologist for more than 30 years And that i am African American. Scientology is of good assist to me. L. Ron Hubbard was a brilliant philosopher who found a practical way that can help men and women rise earlier mentioned the issues of your physical world and their individual mental and spiritual boundaries. The persons mentioned in the following paragraphs really should Provide you some sign of how Scientology will help. A person of many L. Ron Hubbard’s enduring legacies was the fact that he served many 1000's from all walks of life, to obtain off and keep off drugs. He was also quite vocal in his criticism about the dangerous results of psychiatric “treatments”, which includes their drugs, on someone,physically, scientology beliefs on birth mentally and spiritually.

There's no religion. The only real way out of this earth is thru JESUS CHRIST. When you examine it about the working day of judgement day you will keep in mind.

The man over the cross. There was no Christ but the man on the cross is revealed as just about every man so naturally Every person

L. Ron Hubbard wrote above thirty million words and phrases and recorded some 3000 lectures on the topic of Dianetics (precursor to Scientology) and Scientology. To discover what Scientology is – examine a book. I advise Challenges of Work which includes the basic rules of Scientology applied to the perform-a-day world.

As I read by means of this article and read the private views about Scientology from the above mentioned users, they didn’t really explain it. Form of much like the book “The key”, consider it therefore you’ll determine. Bewildering……

And that joy and independence was obviously not attained by Ron. The corollary of which is that he could not guide us to that state.

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